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How do you get access to the different files in this game? I have tested everything in game, but I have also searched and used all the different lists I could come upon and verified with my list to make sure I got everything covered. I think I am getting close.

Start with Norbyte's LS Tools:


Unpack Main.pak from your game's install, make sure to choose a different destination folder for the unpack - or else having those files in your lives game could give you weird side-effects. Now go browse through the unpacked files and check out anything you want. smile LSX files can be opened in a text editor (they're XML), and as for recipes they're to be found in Public \ Main \ Stats \ ItemCombos.txt.

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still no idea what Orc or other Horn does?

LOOT_Orc_Tusk gets no mention in ItemCombos, so no it does not have any recipes currently. Which "horn" are you thinking of? There are a couple other tusks but those do have recipes.

I kinda' think the orc tusk was meant for another helmet recipe similar to the crab helm.