I'll upload a new one with the missing DLL, but, if it continues to crash it is probably an issue reading data from the LSB files. The first thing it does is try to enumerate existing saved games to display them.
Ever since the patch that added compression to LSB files, I haven't been able to actually see this change, none of my files were compressed, including loading up my game and making a new save.
So this could be causing problems. In fact, if anyone has an example of one of these compressed files (or how to make them) that would be useful. (It is reading only the meta.lsb or <GameName>.lsb at the start, not the globals file).

I can't see anything else that might be causing a problem, as that is the only thing it does at the start.

I tried downloading it on a different computer that doesn't have the game installed and the GUI does come up after adding the new DLL, and no crash, although the savegame list is blank on this computer.

I am not at my development computer presently but if you know you have compressed LSB files and you still want to try the program, you could try temporarily renaming the compressed ones (renaming the meta.lsb and <GameName>.lsb to any other name) so that the program doesn't find them. Assuming this is the problem, of course.

Try the latest version here for the correct DLL:

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