Bethesda - coz of TES(zenimax) and Fallout series
Bioware - coz of Dragon age, Neverwinter, Mass Effect etc etc
CD Project - coz of Witcher series
Larian - coz of Divinity series
Blizzard - coz of Warcraft Series( used to play WoW for 7y)
Ubisoft - coz of Might and Magic( they did not crate them but did save them), AC etc etc
Tale Worlds - coz of Mout and Blade
Obsidian - coz of Neverwinter Nights 2, New Vegas and finishing games other peoples jobs
Deadelic - coz of Blackguards and rest of TDE games
Sega - coz of Total War

This is my top 10 could not just pic 3

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