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Hi Dairymoose,
Great work so far, I just tested yesterday.
The trainer crashed when I change the power level of an item from 10/20 to 100
The trainer crashed when I add invalid ability. eg : I add large weapon for small weapon, mall for plate...
The trainer crashed when I change base item or change it to legendary

I've never had any of these happen. Could you get me a copy of your Globals.lsb file that is causing these crashes? I will look into it when I get a chance.
Also please describe the exact item and the changes to this item, which can cause a crash.
I'd tried all these things before in my own saves and had no issues. Tried adding an item around level 1 million, worked fine. Not sure what you mean by adding an invalid ability. And I have changed base items before and never had any issues with it.

Regarding item duplicates... I don't plan to add this specific feature but I do want to add item import/export which should be able to handle this functionality.

Yes you can modify weapon damage but I believe it is only on a percent-damage basis. There is a permament boost called "DamageBoost" which you can add that you specify as a percent-increase to damage. For example, DamageBoost = 100 is a 100% damage boost, so the item does 2x damage.

And finally, yes, I plan to allow resizing. However the window will have a forced aspect ratio because it wouldn't make sense otherwise.

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