I did post a link to crafting part 5 ivra, and much apreciation towards both you and angry dave, you guys get a 10 in my books smile My only wish would be if you could separate belts from amulets from rings etc to make it easier on anyone searching ( pretty please with cherry on top? laugh ) , and certain crafting items lack the description of stats they give ( no need for exact one coz that scales to crafting but as a reminder of what gives exactly like the home made weapons)

thats why i would have two tabs , part 3 from dave has some of that info covered while yours has some others. And now i responsed here and the post remains on top hehe... i like to shoot my own foot like that. Heck wish part 5 of ivra's get stickyed or something

argue with an idiot and he will drag you to his level then beat you with experience