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I have some good news.
1) Thanks to Raze, this thread is now sticky. celebrate
2) Again, thanks to Raze, I do not need to create a new thread when I am ready to post new versions of this list. Instead this thread will be updated. So this recipe thread is going to be stable.

Awesome. Also, I should have thanked Angry Dave in addition to you for doing this thread, so thanks to both of you again. smile

Similar to others I've only seen the mysterious fabric dye have the effects of regular black dye. @Ivra once you get high enough level the shopkeepers who stock misc. gear will routinely start selling the mysterious dye, it's expensive so their stock has to turn over to high level mats first.

Oh, and in a recent game I actually had an air staff result from combining two branches. So maybe that fixed that now (I'm not using any mods).

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