Hello Larian & all,

I enjoyed D:OS for already more than 90 hours on Steam, from my 32 bits Win7 PC laptop, I went to Hilberheim, chased Goblins, took my time, got delighted by the game. The problems I got were happening when trying to save for the third time while in a game session, computer would return to Windows or stay on the save screen forever, but well, I got used to it, never saving more than twice then closing the game and restarting it after 2nd save.

Unfortunately the issue I'm facing now is related to loading maps. I decided to go back to Cyseal to make sure I haven't forgotten anything there. It crashed several times when I used the 'teleport' way, then I went to Luculla's brigde to go back to Cyseal and eventually it worked.

Problem? Now that I want to go back to Luculla, no way smile Either via teleport or trying to cross the bridge, the game crash and returns to Windows.

I can't play too much with my laptop's settings, ahem, it's my work laptop. So I can't try the 32 bits trick I saw around.

Would any of you be able to recommend me something that could help me to continue enjoying the game? It's been ~5 days I can't play anywhere else than Cyseal and I really want to finish the game smile

Thanks for any hint, have a nice time playing!