One question: do you guys know where we can activate the tenebrium skill for a character?

When you finish the quest to Brandon the game reveals the Tenebrium skill and Brandon gives a permanent +1 Boost to this skill to all party members present at the time.

I did a simple experiment and went and finished this quest before even talking with Madora and Jahan, then the two main characters got the Tenebrium skill, but Madora and Jahan weren't there so they didn't get the skill.

So, unless these are tied together, i'd be interested in how to add the tenebrium ability (boost itself is irrelevant as we all can just add 1 more skill point or buy a book from the teller of secrets).

Since it's a boost, it's not shown on the abilities tab of character on the editor, because there are only the points actually spent =P.

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