While the game loads the story for the first time is when your tenebrium ablility (Blackrock in the editor) gets hidden. This happens in the INIT section of the LUC_MineBlackRock goal with the CharacterLockAbility() function.

For companions (Madora/Jahan), this change happens in "Proc_LimitAbilitiesForCompanion" in the Global_Companion goal.

For some reason the only times this ability gets unlocked in the story files are for the player characters, so it might be that the quest is the only way for madora or jahan to unlock the ability.

It might be possible that they suddenly 'learn' how to do it when you re-hire them after a level up (since they'll get experience to get on your level).

edit: I forgot what thread I was posting in while typing. If you mean where to set it in the editor; no idea.

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