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However, I am one of those people that is waiting for a bit of a price drop. I have a good friend and we are itching to get into another good co-op game for our weekly gaming sessions, but $80 USD is a bit much. That's the price of Steam Digital Collectors Edition + another Source Hunter DLC (so both of us have access to the DLC). I personally dislike DLC. It almost never gets the same level of reviews and critics that the core game gets and that to me just feels wrong that the developer is 'gaming' the system to get more money. To be fair, I'll do a bit more research before I make a final determination. Yes I know I can buy the normal game sans DLC, but if I get 2 copies then I am losing out on a $20 savings, the DLC, and the soundtrack (I'd enjoy that bit).

Interesting fact, but Larian only added the DLC by user request. It was originally intended as CE only items. It's not really essential, though. The Golden Grail simply makes clothing/armor a bit more valuable (most of the time, I forget to even use it), and the Trunks just mock you while you play. That only leaves the design documents/art and the soundtrack, and Kirill has the soundtrack available on his website for free. None of it is game changing.