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I actually had an air staff result from combining two branches

it shouldn't work. did they release a new patch and I just didn't notice?

*runs off to test*


just ran 45 staffs.

got pretty close to equal ratios of earth, fire, water. no air.

no random ability assignments either.

you are mistaken. You probably had a normal air staff you found somewhere already in your inventory, and thought it was one you made.

I was surprised your test was not conclusive, so I did some testing, too. I looked at the Captain's inventory and there they were, 2 hand crafted, polished air staffs (level 9) that I sold to him, both with +1 lucky charm. When I tried to replicate it (now level 14) I didn't get a single one... but now I was making superior staves. When I took off my crafting belt and went down to rank 4 crafting, I got a polished air staff on my 3rd try (had + lucky charm again).