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[Crafting 2] Boosted Cloth Apparel = Cloth Apparel + Earth Essence (+ Earth Resistance, Changes color of the Apparel)

I guess this information is not correct! I got Crafting 2 ... +1 by trait, +1 due to equip... just got an Earth Essence and couldn't combine neither with my Cloth Bracers nor with my Cloth Armour/Helmet. Could use only on my Source Hunter Sarong.

You have stumbled upon one of the formulas I believe have the highest number of exceptions. It works, but there are a lot of cloth apparels that refuse to be upgraded no matter what crafting level you have. For instance, I just tried it on the following 8 cloth apparel items with the following result:

Good Cloth Cap - Failure
Old Cloth Cap - Failure
Cloth Shoes - Failure
Hand-crafted Boots - Failure
Thin Cloth Armour - Success
Homemade Robe - Success
Source Hunter Sarrong - Success
Terra Serrong of Education - Success

Now, this might seems to indicate that the formula does not work on cloth helmets and cloth boots, but I have seen so many exceptions and counter-exceptions that I decided to write this formulas as general as possible and then specify in the starting notes that there might be exceptions to the formulas with generic items.

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