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concurrent players on D:OS:

Its probably estimated though. Highest I saw was 22k of players as compared to the highest on the graph which is 21k.

Even better stats: http://steamcharts.com/app/230230

Almost 20k people play D:OS at the same time at the weekends. That't pretty stable since release, although overall player numbers are slowly going down which is quite natural.

That's a good graph if you're only checking on one game though. I checked the active users of skyrim and this game the month after D:OS' release with my previous graph. It's the same trend although the numbers are smaller in comparison for D:OS. At least this means that the game have hit the mainstream. The question now is how will Larian take advantage of this or to avoid the down sloping of the trend. I'm thinking more updates, but the silence because of their holiday is a worry.


Skyrim is still going strong due to mods and the community. Hopefully, Larian will take care of the community. I know they will but the silence is just making me anxious.

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