I think that I found another error on crafting in-game stuff (don't tell me!). I did some tests. Making a Leather Armour with Craft 3 you'll get a Hand-crafted Leather Armour, at Craft 2 you'll get a Homemade Leather Armour. But they have the same stats, everything is equal! I guess it's a bug, what you guys think?

Doing the same test but crafting a single Boots (Cloth Scraps + Anvil) you'll get two items with the same name description (Hand-crafted Boots), but with different stats. Exactly the opposite of my first example! This is contradictory, it isn't?

What to say about doing a Leather Boots (Leather Scraps + Anvil), that requires C2 (less than a single Boots that requires C1(Cloth Scraps + Anvil)) but comparing their stats you find that they are the same, and you can get a bonus earlier making a Boots (C3) while making a Leather Boots is C5. Not to say that, imo Cloth Scraps sounds easier to find than Leather Scraps.

It's not a big thing, but sounds contradictory, at least for me.

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