Hmm, strange. My hardware is more humble than that of the most of you guys with trouble:

Dell Precision 4500 laptop (about 4 years old now)
Intel i7-Q840
Nivida Quadro FX1800M graphics (G3DMark: 487, about 6% of the performance of the GTX680)
Windows 7 x64
NVidia Driver 320.49
1920*1080 display

Graphic settings in D:OS are High to Ultra, with no stuttering or any issues at all. V-Sync on triple buffering. I did never measure the FPS, as the game runs fluidly.

Plain gaming installation of Windows 7, with no unnecessary gunk slowing performance (dual boot system, I use Linux for work).

Some ideas:

- Could you run into thermal throttling on the GPU? (that might explain the "FPS all over the place")
- How old is the Windows installation and how bogged down may it be with "stuff" (tools, utilities, toolbars, "all in one" Internet Security suites etc)
- Windows 7 or ???
- 32-bits (which would explain a lot of speed issues with recent games) or 64-bits?

I was amazed at how well my hardware performs with D:OS. I know that I will need a new system to play Elite Dangerous this fall and Star Citizen (whenever it may be reasonably complete), but really no complaints about D:OS here!

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