So your product here is amazing, and due to my own incompetence I cant seem to edit items Dairymoose. I took the training sword you get as a fighter, start of the game, and tried adding perm boosts and mods to it but none of them stick. I even used the character ones you suggested for the perms ( wasn't an option on the mods...) I just get the same old weapon. Every time. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

Here are my steps;

1. select item (training sword)
2. Pick some mods (leadership)
3. pick the power of said mod (2) [do I need a + before the 2 or something?]
4. pick some permboosts (same formula as above choose one add a number for the value of the boost)
5. Apply.
6. Save the save.
7. load up in game and be disappointed.

Any help would be appreciated.