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So your product here is amazing, and due to my own incompetence I cant seem to edit items Dairymoose. I took the training sword you get as a fighter, start of the game, and tried adding perm boosts and mods to it but none of them stick. I even used the character ones you suggested for the perms ( wasn't an option on the mods...) I just get the same old weapon. Every time. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

Here are my steps;

1. select item (training sword)
2. Pick some mods (leadership)
3. pick the power of said mod (2) [do I need a + before the 2 or something?]
4. pick some permboosts (same formula as above choose one add a number for the value of the boost)
5. Apply.
6. Save the save.
7. load up in game and be disappointed.

Any help would be appreciated.

Are you sure you clicked the "Mods" button? When adding a mod, you can select which mod to add but you cannot input any values. The values are already defined. Perhaps you clicked the "PermBoosts" button and thought it was the mods section?

In addition, the PermBoost section contains some values that don't work (I will remove these in a later release). One example that does work is Character -> Strength (or any other base attribute).
If this still does not work, I can try this scenario myself, but I don't see why it would fail.