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So, any news about my weird playerprofiles.lsb?

No news about it... you never gave me it. No upload on here and no PMs.

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Dairymoose your work does not cease to amaze great job man love your progress.

Edit: Any chance on getting the weresheep armor to work?

I have no idea what this is. I only beat act 1 so far.
and what does "work" mean in this context?

When swapping armor into the weresheep one it doesn't seem to work at all you get the base stats and stat modifiers but the appearance isn't there also the name is bugged.

That's just a display issue, it should still work in-game. A very large number of items have display issues right now. I will be addressing this eventually. I plan to resolve the names of these items as well as the names of books in your inventory.