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No news about it... you never gave me it. No upload on here and no PMs.

Sorry, probably my bad at making the link visible enough. I posted it a few messages above tho :<
I sent you the link again (and checked it for being correct) through PM.

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How do i download this character editor thing? I don't see a link anywhere.

Here you go


This opens just fine for me. What environment are you running on? I would advise trying it on a windows computer (laptop maybe, if you have one), and see if it works.

If you're using steam it should just work.
Otherwise, find your save game location and then find the folder there named "PlayerProfiles". This is what goes in the first text box.
Then find your game install location. Find the folder named "Data". Put this into the second text box.

I have no idea why it fails in wine. I also have no idea what you said regarding the dev tab. But I would try opening your playerProfiles.lsb file using the dev tab and see what happens.

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