Thanks for that quick reply, it actually helped. I was able to now find both locations and open up a very old save file to test it.

1st few times the game crashed while loading the altered save file, I must have done something wrong. After a few attempts and some time I managed to give burning to a training sword and a random talent. I was initially trying to add +strenght modifier to the training sword, but when I removed that the game would load normally.

So far I am testing how it all behaves and acts, but I have some trouble adding an attribute like str dex or int to the weapon, I probably end up doing something wrong as the game crashed during loading the savegame.

I try to add the extra point by using the permboost button and from there on choosing number of abilities: 1 and then strenght: 1

Is this the correct approach or did I go wrong somewhere?

With kind regards,