New version alpha13.
Added a new item "import/export" feature.

Since the item is exported in LSB format, you can use the Dev tab (this tab wasn't meant for user consumption though and isn't fully implemented yet) or Norbyte's LSB editor if you want to make modifications to the item data before re-importing it.
Note that this will fail for any item that has an inventory (e.g., bags). There may be other failure cases too but in general it should work.

And to answer your question,
Originally Posted by Cupidonihack
the tuned item was ice king boreas staff wich i converted into leandra staff by using the "base item" menu of MooseEdit, (exploring the data tab it is called _GEN_leandra_staff )
the edited weapon does not support any change of positition in the inventory, if i unequip it , it simply desappear,the same thing occurs if i equip an another weapon from inventory or if i try to move its place on the "bag".

I wonder if it is due to some corrupted heritage with a quest that tell me to trow the original item ( ice king boreas staff ) into a forge(i choosed not to do it) to deliver the white witch.

Thanks you for your (realy fast) answer!

A lot of the items without a proper name will fail to work properly. Usually this is because the item is meant to be extended by a mod (in this case, the mod is the "Main" module). Right now, the item editor doesn't have the "Item Template" functionality implemented yet, so you can't choose these mod templates. Once this is implemented, you will be able to choose a mod template if one exists, and I suspect this will fix the problem. I think I will hold off on looking into this problem until I implement the mod template selector.

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