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A question on weapon crafting: I have 5 BS and crated a 2H axe. It was superior and had good damage but there was no bonus as described. I am only at level 7 and have seen descriptions of weapons made at level 10 with bonus. Is there a level requirement for this?

No, I don't think so. The damage bonus is not displayed in blue, so it is a bit hard to notice if you got it or not. I just created the following two-handed axes with Blacksmithing 5 (at level 21 so their damage is quite high):
B5: Slashing: 172-343, Critical Chance: +25%
B5: Slashing: 236-471, Critical Chance: +12%
Notice that the last axe does not have the damage written in blue, but the damage bonus is definitely there.

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Bonus is given by the Crafting skill, not Blacksmithing.

No, that is wrong. Creating two-handed axes does not use Crafting, it uses Blacksmithing.

Edit: By the way, the hero I used to get this has Crafting = 2.

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