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Hello, I'm having a small issue I can't explain with the editor, e.g. I can't load my savegame.

Disclaimer: I play on a Mac and managed to open the editor through Wine.

So I open the editor and browse to my player profile folder, I make sure that my playerprofiles.lsb file is in there but the editor doesn't see it. Is it because the playerprofiles.lsb is different from Mac to PC? I don't think so, and even if it was the editor should still at least see it, right?
Same thing for the game data folder, the editor doesn't see any file - what file am I looking for in that btw?

The only files I can open are my mods' .bak through the "dev" menu, but that doesn't seem to do anything. Any help?

Just an update, I managed to make the editor work on my Mac by typing the folders' addresses directly into the boxes. If I browsed it wouldn't select them. Cheers

I can bring up the saved games list but whenever I try opening a saved game it crashes. Are you actually able to edit a saved game?

Are you using a "out of the box" Wine install? If not, what settings are you using?

Thanks in advance!