Added new "Item Template" editor
    With this addition, all item types are now possible to create.
    It is based off of the Base Item: after selecting a base item, go to the "Item Template" page and select the item template you want to use.
    An "item template" is a specialization of a given base item (e.g., the same base item but a different name, or a different icon).
    If you select a base item and the icon doesn't update, you should check the item template list because you might be able to find a valid template in the list.

Fixed issue where character renaming would not work correctly.
Fixed editor crash bug when selecting a base item that does not have any icon information defined.

Originally Posted by H8terFisternator
Can we get an option to add star stones? Because I just have this weird bug where all the star stones I pick up are just inert stones...

You're in luck, the newest version should be able to do this. Whether it will fix your problem in-game, I don't know. But you should be able to create these items at least.
Steps are: Add item -> Base item button -> Objects -> Generic -> Depleted Bloodstone (Quest_Stone_Star_Depleted_A) -> click select button -> click item templates button -> Mod Templates folder -> select Starstone.

Originally Posted by Unum
Is this compatible with any of the mods that allow you to create four characters? Meaning, can you edit all four characters?

I haven't tested it but it should work fine. It makes a backup of your save the first time you save, anyway. This should be no different from editing a normal game.

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