Armillary, thanks for the help with hex editing the savegame although your solution might not work for all as it didn't work for me. For whom it doesn't work I have another (very similar suggestion): when you open the Globals.lsb (make backup before) in Frhed (hex editor), do as Armillary says, find LUC_Brandon_Bothered line and find your own XX value. What worked for me is that I changed it NOT to "00" but "f6" instead. The reasoning behind: I noticed a line before LUC_Brandon_Bothered, and it is LUC_Brandon_LeftSilverglen, where the answer (=NO) is value "f6". So instead of changing "XX" to "00" as Armillary wrote, change it to "f6" in both places. Hope it works for you, too! I should also say this: don't know if my save will be corrupted somewhere along, hopefully not! Try this at your own risk!