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Please note that this thread is old, very old. It has not been updated in a long while. Angry Dave did a tremendous job putting this list together. He also created newer and more updated lists than this one. At some point he decided to quit and I took over. You can find the most updated list on top of this sub section. It has been sticky'ed to make it even easier to access. You really should use that list since most of your observations have already been addressed in it.

Originally Posted by Keydet96
Anyone else noted the stats of crafted items seem to scale with character level and/or crafting/blacksmithing levels? Found this thread and started using some of the recipes to clean up my inventory. When I tried the one for the starfish amulet it came out with +79 hp and +20% water resistance. Character I used was Jahan, lvl. 17 with 5 in crafting.

A lot of items you create will scale with your hero level, while boosts will scale with the item level.