rogues should do the same or a little more damage than a 2 handed if you are doing it right.
rogue's another advantage is she can move around on her first turn with speed buff + invisible giving you the chance to take out their squishy mages at the back.
arms' charges can be blocked by line of sight. though it does have a chance to knock down enemies.

dex fighters also should have higher dodge rate and hit rate than 2 hands.
their sneaking ability should be main focused.
talents should be like bully (+50%) + creeper + backstab (crit) + guerrilla (2x). if you add it up that is massive damage every time you attack with sneak.

dagger attack is 2 ap, sneak at high level should be 1 ap. that is 3 ap every time you attack. sneak then backstab.

always end your turn with sneak so they won't attack you! i would also recommend scoundral + marksman level 1. you need that tactical retreat for positioning (NOT FOR RETREATING) if you are having to run away you doing something wrong.

as soon as battle start, go speed buff then invis then move allllll the way down to their caster's back. then wait your turn....

wait your next turn too, wait (you are invisible so don't get AoE but Ai mage wouldn't aoe on himself he will aoe your other characters on the opposite side) until you max out your action point. then after that that is where you finish the battle, kill that squishy mage then his buddies and everyone else in one turn from the back. the enemies will be sandwiched and the ai will completely break unable to react.

glass cannon is a good trait to have though not really necessary. cus as soon as you break your invis, you expect to obliterate everyone. if it is a boss fight, finish your turn with sneak. the boss will ignore you.

as for attribute points it is DEX of course! then you can spend 2-3 speed, and 1-2 con.

if you are a melee fighter you need good gears...craft them. or save and reload until you get the orange dagger drop from reward boxes. as a rogue you really need a good dagger and the game doesn't usually give you one cus the game makers know rogues are broken....that is why rogues can't dual wield to begin with!

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