they can...but heavy armor slow down their move speed! losing the map control! as soon as the battle start, your rogue should dart all the way to the back of the enemy lines...yea...the guy at the back who has been doing all kinds of nasty stuff to your melee.... your rogue should be behind him (so close that she can even smell his sweat) until she has enough ap. then that is where she kills the guy and all his buddies in shady hoods IN ONE SINGLE TURN....they won't even know what killed all of one ever lived to tell the tales of what killed them....everything happened in a flash (1 turn = 1 second)

rogue will face her bigger fear when she has to fight the spiders in the desert will slow her down so hard she will be a burden.....that is just one stage that i had troubled with....but it is okay, you can still sneak and invis fine so the spiders will leave your rogue alone! so play the level with only 3 characters and it is easy enough you don't need a 4th....

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