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I am very confused about the rogue discussion here. Maybe I am doing something different on my Rogue.

I have around 8m worth of movement per AP. First round goes like this: Cast Oath of Desecration on Rogue, using Rogue. Cast Rage on Rogue, using Rogue. Cast Precision from Man at Arms on Rogue. This leaves around 11 AP. Next, we move behind the most dangerous enemy, I always win initiative, so nothing attacks me while I do so. Once behind enemy, Sneak. This leaves us with ~6-8AP depending on Fight layout.

Backstab most dangerous dude. He generally dies immediately from ~1200+ damage on the backstab, leaving ~4-6AP. We then move to next target. This typically costs 0-1 AP. Leaving 3-5. If we have 4 or 5, its another sneak and another round of monstrous damage. If not, damage is ~800 instead of 1200, and the numbers fluctuate, of course.

The Ranger is also amazing. (I run Rogue/Ranger/Jahan(All spells)/Maddie(sword and board))

Ranger with Quickdraw and sneak does around ~500 per arrow and fires 4-5 times a round, without haste. Add haste for 5-6 attacks.

Two-Handers are nice, but you dont get nearly as many attacks, and from what I can tell, nothing beats backstab including maxed out spells. Nothing. I haven't seen anything that wasn't invulnerable stand up to a full round of backstabs, and I am on the last leg of the game currently.

As far as spiders, they never hit me with their weakness or slow(the rogue, that is) so make sure you keep your gear as up to date as you can, and invest in sidestep and dex as much as you can to stay sturdy. My rogue is rarely affected by any status effects, but she's also got self-medicate just in case she ever is hit.

Far as I am concerned, the Rogue is top of the line damage, and extremely durable, in that almost nothing ever hits her. I've invested in sidestep and dex, but I dont have points in willpower, or body control, so its all making the opponent miss. I dont get the hate.

i think you doing it wrong. someone else cast stuff on your rogue, rogues don't cast stuff on self except speed or invis....even then you still need someone to cast speed buff (pyro's) on rogue.

second, don't use sneak multiple times if your sneak is consuming more than 0-1 ap...get high enough sneak first!

third, if you going arms then i say instead of precision, get power. and have a geo (not the rogue) cast that accuracy buff on you.

and lastly dagger quality. really need to work on that save/load until you get that orange dagger! then craft the $hitout of it with tenebrium/elements and souls and whatever recipe you can find..

other than that, i think they decided to take away rogue's dual wield thanks to that damage burst.....now it is like 2 handed dagger!! ooooh.....fancy

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