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this kind of balance discussion is funny, there's no pvp in this game, and it isn't supposed to be played solo either. what do you guys want? duel warrior and rouge to see who wins? every class has its role/function in team battle. rouge is extremely good team class.

maybe a solo-do it all-overpower build discussion is a better title for this (or any of such "balance" thread) thread?

we aren't talking about pvp. we just saying rogues aren't underpowered like the op was saying....i don't know about rangers, never used one...but rogues do suck in early stages...but in later stages....oh my god.....the game was soooo easy...you can kill the final boss in 2-3 turns, as soon after his chance to hit increases....

silly that a rogue with one dagger can kill a dragon that is threatening the universe in 3 seconds....

also witchcraft is another one that is insane powerful...their summons can absorb soooooooooooo much damage and deals sooooooooo much damage. you can summon him right next to the enemy before the battle start to conserve cooldown and ap. the ai loves to attack that skeleton 2 handed guy with poison because he is next to it and he will oppstrike if the ai leaves him dealing a lot of damage!!

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