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i think you doing it wrong. someone else cast stuff on your rogue, rogues don't cast stuff on self except speed or invis....even then you still need someone to cast speed buff (pyro's) on rogue.

Well, if I wanted someone else to cast stuff on my rogue, since my rogue always goes first, I'd need to abandon round 1's attacks, or attack with greatly reduced effectiveness, which isn't optimal.

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second, don't use sneak multiple times if your sneak is consuming more than 0-1 ap...get high enough sneak first!

I use sneak before every backstab. Sneak costs 1 AP and adds 50% stacking damage buff, resulting in over 1000 damage a backstab, depending on how many other buffs are running. The only time I recommend not sneaking is when you have 2 AP left, in which case, backstab is better than passing.

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and lastly dagger quality. really need to work on that save/load until you get that orange dagger! then craft the $hitout of it with tenebrium/elements and souls and whatever recipe you can find..

My dagger owns. Still, I agree, having a great dagger is important. I assume having a great two-hander really helps the Fighter, too.

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other than that, i think they decided to take away rogue's dual wield thanks to that damage burst.....now it is like 2 handed dagger!! ooooh.....fancy

I have a 2 hander on Madora, it doesn't come within 1000's of equal damage. Its a good one, also, but it costs 4 AP to 3 for backstab+sneak, doesn't get a guaranteed critical...I'd be interested in seeing numbers for a fully optimized 2 handed fighter's damage, but I am extremely confident its markedly less than my backstabs. (Maybe not on groups where whirlwind + dust devil can happen, but on single targets)

i didn't say 2 handers do more damage...i have always said rogues do more damage...group whilwind cost too much ap for any good use actually.

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