yup i definitely don't think 2 hands are underpowered at all....they have their use actually.

unlike rogues, 2hands can actually 'tank' and still do massive amount of damage!

madora maybe 2hand but she can tank just fine. though she can be a bit slow.

i seriously doubt you would need a shield to tank in this game.

but i heard that my friend who had a shield tank said you can almost always block every physical attacks at you...and resist a lot of elemental damage so hardcore with the shield.

but i think chest armor is enough to absorb the damage. and 2hands for major major damage.

also don't forget arms got some real powerful support spells like nullify and inspire. and then knockdowns for major crowd control...and whilwind for aoe damage....but for a single target i think rogue would win the race.

if your rogue start first, i usually just save ap for next turn. let them come to you.

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