My rogue survivability is fine. She dies about the same amount as Madora, which is to say "Not often." She also has over 100% on most resists, and a huge defense score, and sidestep. She's also generally sneaking at the end of her turn, which causes her to not get attacked hardly ever, an extremely underrated defense.

An argument could be made that a 2 handed fighter can also sneak, and its a good one. I don't know what to say other than "I'd like to try that out and see if its as awesome as my rogue is" =)

I guess the long and short of it is, I'm playing a Ranger/Rogue game and I've completely chewed up the fights. I think I've only lost 2, and I've only lost characters a couple of times beyond those 2 losses. I did Braccus at level 8, I did the first spider fight (Level 14 Spiders) at level 10, and I won all those fights with the Ranger and the Rogue as the primary damage sources. If that makes Dex characters underpowered, I'd hate to see the overpowered damage sources. (Don't say Mages, My Jahan is pretty well geared and optimized, and is relegated to support due to the sheer volume of damage the rogue and ranger do.)

Finding a good dagger is tough, though, maybe if you are playing a game where you didn't find one, it'd seem much worse.

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