i have tried it, it works but you would need another armor to absorb the damage for you in your party.

and also remember that your map control is severely reduced. battering ram has 8 cooldown, phoenix dive has 10cd. cost 6 ap each. and your whirlwind is 6. so it is one way trip only after that you will be kite a lot.

also do remember that you can't invis. meaning if multiple enemies facing multiple directions and when they move they can make your sneak fail and be exposed and your 2 hand madora is completely isolated by herself in the middle of all the enemies....

for a battering ram which cost 6 ap that travels 15m i think rogues can travel a lot further with speed for 6ap but again, battering ram has a chance to knockdown and deals damage. so it is not an underpowered skill!

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