now that is more like it...wear lighter armor...but require dex to wear are slowly turning into a 2 handed rogue that doesn't use dagger.....but str based weapons....

so all it boils down to is rogue attacks twice for 2 ap. 2hand attack once for 4 ap. whatever is on the attack value of a dagger vs attack value of a 2 hand right? 4x dmg of xx lvl dagger vs 1x dmg of xx lvl 2hand.

even then....remember that rogue got 100%crit chance. and invisibility. movement speed. (i wouldn't recommend their crowd control as they cost a lot of precious ap)

disadvantage: no aoe and will be squashed if she gets caught in AoE.

2hand got more armor and resistance and lots of 'AoE' damage, buffs and debuffs! (nullify is sooooooo good) and they can carry more items! self heal is really really nice! battering ram and phoenix dive try to make up for its speed loss. high con from heavy armors gives you a good starting ap. after that it is one way trip only.

disadvantage: slow...sneak with slow movement and without invisibility is less efficient. also your LoS line of sight can be blocked....unable to use battering ram. some enemies are too far for you to use battering ram. smoke/walls/objects blocks LoS, burning/poison fields damage you cus you can't walk around it.

also i would like to point out that you shouldn't use rage on your rogue...cus it lowers your dex though it does boost your damage you can spend points elsewhere. arms skills only benefit from high str.

mages are also good tanks...though they wear robes, they don't tank, but their summons will. they also deal a lot of pure magic damage while their summon also deal crap load pure physical damage and the summons will start out with high starting ap especially that skeleton 2hand dude with high con.
their summon will not complain after the battle ends if they get caught in your AoE. madora will. i actually caused her to leave the party one time cus she was standing on my fire too many times after each battle ends....she got angry and say something like oh i don't want to travel with you anymore and left. so i had to reload.........

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