But it doesn't matter what rangers can do. Nullify + Lower resistance are just simply too good. And if you use STR simply to get those 2 may as well use a 2h weapon.


yea but you have to remember that rogue backstab crit is 100%. your 2 hand crit is 1 out of 5-10 or something....

the battering ram has range of 15 m only...cost 6 ap...your whirlwind cost 6 ap... you can charge a group of enemy IN YOUR LINE OF SIGHT WITHIN 15 M and YOU STILL NEED 12 ap on turn 1!!

meaning NO SMOKE, NO BOULDERS, NO WALLS, NO ELEVATION must be in-between or your combo fails.

don't know about the bullrush you are talking about...is it like a talent, a special skill or something? cus arms don't have a spell book called bullrush....or you mean battering ram? cus like i say i m not really a 2 hand person....

Idk what your smoking mane. You start with ram in sneak/invisible mode or nullify or mass slow which doesn't initiate combat. Now if you cast oath, rage on yourself too, that ram can kill almost everything except bosses using 0 ap on turn one. (and you have like 15 starting AP and 24 ap per round with 5+ movement speed and 45% crit chance, virtually unkillable and immune to all CCs, and have 30 initiative and.. and ....)

Think about that for a second. Think. Then tell me is there any reason to play anything else if you want to humiliate the AI as much as possible?

Edit: oh and there are two of those toons, meaning the monster I described isn't even optimized. I haven't use all the books and rubies. And I got those stat books at lvl 8.
Keep in mind too that since they are 2 LW. I had to invest in leadership for both of them (both have 4-5) and took Pet Pal and one of them had to have some loremaster while the other had 5 BS and 5 crafting. Never rerolled.

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