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Hello Dairymoose,
Im trying to use your editor but its not working for me.
What happens is, my game crashes when i try to load the edited save game file.

My steps are:
1. I open the MooseEdit
2. I config the Game Data folder
3. I load my save game data
4. I edit my item (like -1 AP cost for example)
5. I click on the "Save All" button
6. I try to play the game

Can you please let me know if im doing something wrong and how to fix it?

Thank You in advance.

Originally Posted by Dairymoose
This isn't really enough information. What specifically did you do to the item?
E.g., right click equipped sword, edit item, go to PermBoosts tab, add AttackAPCost permboost with value -1, hit "Accept" button, click save button, play game

Hello again,
Even if i just open the save game file and dont edit any items at all and just edit a simple thing like a single talent point or status points it happens the same thing, after i save, my game crashes when i try to load the save game.

Thank You again.

PS: Sorry for my bad english xD