No it's not boosted. It's just stock spear. And that damage is really low lol.

Edit: weapon aside. Dex tree has virtually no AOE, and that makes fights very tedious. And because Dex skills sucks at late game(you don't charm or rupture, you kill shit, which ironically uses less AP, plus you won't die), there is no point of investing into DEX which makes you hit chance suffer. Of coz, you can hard CC your target but that cost AP and you can only do it once per turn.

STR on the other hand makes skill like Ram, WW and flurry more powerful. So there are pretty good incentives to invest in them (seriously, if you don't have 20+ STR, I haven't seen how stupidly OP they are). WW at high STR simply kill everything saved SOME bosses. And this makes the only saving grace of DEX toons, which is single target DPS, moot. Even if we are only talking about high HP bosses, rouges cannot keep up because of Flurry, at high STR that thing is insultingly OP. 2h can take guerrilla too. Pus, you can get like 16 PERC without even putting a single point in it, and this put your crit ~50%. So now your rouge backstab advantage is shaved too.

The main problem here is that the 2h warriors simply scale too well with equipment and stats.

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