Hi, first of all thanks for you work Dairymoose!

I've playing this game since yesterday and I saw some items that probably I would have problems in order to obtain as soon as posible, so I thought this editor can help me to add it (Walk in Shadows).

The thing is when opening any of my savegames the application always crash just after loading the savegame (mmm likely 90% loaded, I can see all the tabs).

I tried with version 9, 16, 17 with no luck.

Can anyone try to open one of my savegame to see if its my PC problem (win7 x64), the custom installation path of the game or maybe the gamesaves itself?

Thanks in advance!

PD: I didn't edited the savegame, but I use some mods that change the font and improves textures quality (I don't think it causes the problem).

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