That spear has the highest possible physical damage at lvl 20, for spears of coz. The best dagger you could find at that lvl has around 150. If you take into account Blacksmithing which boosts damage based on % of raw damage. The two isn't even comparable. You say that you can find 1 hand weapons that can outdo that spear in terms of damage. Sure, but only crafted one at lvl 22 and boosted with Blacksmithing (or not). But crafted items suck in general. Do you see that +3 CON and +3 SPEED? I've got +3 CON 3 SPEED and 3 STR. There isn't even a comparison.

Itemization heavily favors STR based toons. DEX toons need DEX and STR and INT to be self sufficient. INT need INT STR (for nullify) but that's all they can get from STR. STR need STR and INT. The only difference here is that INT has a severe case of diminishing returns at higher values of INT. That Str can easily get 18 INT, at which point he can loop Wildfire, Oath and cast boulder bash with 1 round cooldown. There is no reason to have higher INT than that for damage and CC.

Earth quake knocks you down too so unless you can be sure that it will kill everything after cast, there is no reason to use it.

WW damage isn't capped at 19 STR idk what you are talking about? INT spells damage is capped. Yes. That is why they suck. INT and damage don't go hand in hand. What top mage spell is better than WW again?

Flurry isn't much better than regular damage? lol what? Are you cereal?

STR skills are not spells, they are attacks and can crit (Except for crusing fist and useless stuffs like crippling attack).

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