You're right that blacksmithing and other boosts are percentage based. That's why the damage ratio on equally boosted items is the same as on base items I've listed. So if a dagger deals 85% damage of the 2h per ap it will still deal 85% damage with any equal boosts. I don't see where this favors str weapons. Daggers could have the same stat boosts as well so I don't see your point at all. Per ap 2h isn't that much more damaging as I've showed previously.

INT actually scales better than STR since it reduces ability cooldowns. Boulder bash isn't the hottest spell around. All damage dealing abilities are capped at 150% efficiency, WW included. They need their requirement + 10 in the relevant attribute. WW requires 9 STR -> capped at 19. Now that it also scales with weapon damage it will scale as you find better items. But you won't benefit from STR higher than that. Flurry is capped at 21 STR. I'd say you want 26 INT to be fully efficient with most spells. 34 if you want to do really stupid stuff like earhtquake each round, but that's hard to get and requires a lot of luck with codices of pestilential thought, so generally not worth it. Its not that you can't get both 21 STR and 26 INT on a single char though.

Earth quake doesn't knock your party down if they're immune, which is easy to get on a plate of you can take a perk if you're unlucky with that. It doesn't knock the caster down at all.

Meteor storm easily outdamages WW. At level 22 with 23 INT or higher it deals ~650 base average damage per meteor. Each target in the area (larger that WW) is hit I would say 3 times in average, 2 at the very least. Now if you stack up oath + rage you get 1300 per meteor. Assuming 0 base fire resist, if you stack up burning (applied by the storm itself after the 1st meteor, or you can mix in another fire spell) and nullify you get 70% damage bost -> 2210 per meteor. Now if you really want smth dead you can also cast soulsap, although that's only 1 target but that's 2860 damage per meteor. I also don't count burning damage here. If you don't count soulsap its generrally 4-6k damage in the area, which is more damage than most bosses have hp (deathlord if I remember correctly has smth like 5k). If you have a hugeass boss like void dragon you can cast soulsap + also all 8 meteors will hit due to size. That's over 20k damage. Nothing has that much hp. If you combine earth and fire spells you also get a lot of extra fire and poison damage from ooze explosions, but since I don't know the exact rules for them, it's hard to account for. I would say Earthquake is also better than WW, it might have lower damage but its area is huge + it's a nice setup for other skills.

Flurry indeed isn't MUCH better than properly setup regular attacks, because it doesn't benefit from guerilla or bully (but it does crit and can miss/be blocked and is migitated by armor). So it has some properties of auto attack and some properties of spell, like other STR skills.

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