1) Flurry and ww does benefit from bully.
2) You shouldn't pigeonhole your items just for 1 skill. That is just bad. And you can't never get it down to 1 cd. 34 is nowhere near enough.
3) Boulder bash is for the 1 turn cd knockdown. Use it just like touch skills. I have more control over it.
4) My ww does average 1k mixed damage of slashing, elemental, and rot. Realisticly speaking, my chance of 0% slashing resistance >>>>>> then yours of fire resistance. You know this. And you also know that not all meteors will hit.
5) If you can soulsap it I can too!

Let see: my auto damage is 1k average. oath + rage+ melee power stance + bully = 2.75 k damage. Nullify makes it ~4.7k. If you want to be extra fancy, let's add soulsap. That makes it ~6k damage. Oh wait it can crit (you can have absurdly high PERC easily)! That's 12k damage. Oh yea! We can add guerilla too! thats

24k damage per NORMAL HIT

How about flurry! 1k * 4= 4k. Bully = 6k. If all crit = 12k. Nullify+ soulsap = 26.4k

A bit better. But you are right. That normal attack brings much more pleasure than flurry!