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1) Flurry and ww does benefit from bully.

Yeah, it probably does, never tested that throughoutly
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2) You shouldn't pigeonhole your items just for 1 skill. That is just bad. And you can't never get it down to 1 cd. 34 is nowhere near enough.

But I don't pigeonhole anything, kd immunity is overall very useful. If you have ranged chars you can simply stay at range with everything but the earthquake guy. Or you can use helping hand awterwards smile. At 34 int you get (34-4)/2 = 15 turn cd reduction. Earthquake base cd is 16 turns. Do your math.
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3) Boulder bash is for the 1 turn cd knockdown. Use it just like touch skills. I have more control over it.

But it has neither the aoe nor the damage of the earthquake.
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4) My ww does average 1k mixed damage of slashing, elemental, and rot. Realisticly speaking, my chance of 0% slashing resistance >>>>>> then yours of fire resistance. You know this. And you also know that not all meteors will hit.

My calculations were for average amount of meteors. All metors will hit only really big targets like dragon which I also mentioned. Things with fire res are usually weak to cold. Meteor storm deals more than 1k damage provided 2 meteors hit which is always the case, at least for the central area (3 more likely) + has much bigger aoe. WW is also affected by armor, while spells are not (more on that below).

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5) If you can soulsap it I can too!

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Let see: my auto damage is 1k average. oath + rage+ melee power stance + bully = 2.75 k damage. Nullify makes it ~4.7k. If you want to be extra fancy, let's add soulsap. That makes it ~6k damage. Oh wait it can crit (you can have absurdly high PERC easily)! That's 12k damage. Oh yea! We can add guerilla too! thats

24k damage per NORMAL HIT

You calculations are a bit off. First of all, your auto avg damage is 800 according to your numbers below, which is pretty close to max you can get I would say. It also requires extensive savescumming to get that kind of damage legitimately. So 2.2k with all buffs. For some reason your nullify multiplies by 1.7 rather than 1.5 smile. So 3300 with nullify or 4400 with soulsap. Let's say we count average (not max) damage and have 50% x2 crit -> 6600. With guerilla that's 13k. Now comes the thing. All damage from warrior skills and attacks is reduced by armor. Anything having enough hp to matter has about 100 armor so it takes roughly half damage. So really your damage about 6.5k on average which is more down to earth and consistent with empirical data. That's a normal attack, but it requires a lot of setup in terms of buffs and debuffs and at that point you can probably kill stuff with a branch. Note that you can do exactly the same damage with 15 str (or dex), and it doesn't have to be 2h, since as I've shown you other weapon types are not far in terms of damage per ap (per hit 2h is significally higher, so If you like big numbers then it's best). I won't go over your flurry calculations but the same stuff applies. And we both seem to agree that regular attacks aren't much worse with proper setup.

Overall as I've mentioned I have a maxed out guy with both magic and physical dmg. Maxed out means 26 Int, 18 Str, 9 tenebrium, level 5 fire and earth magic, top gear, bully, guerilla, glass cannon and whatnot. Realistically on strong opponents endgame I've seen WW do like 2.5k damage (higher with crit), flurry about 8k dmg. Magic performs better in terms of aoe from my observations, but worse on single targets, mainly because game has a disturbing lack of 300 armor 90% block opponents. Looking for difficulty mods to fix this glaring issue. When I had to kill my char for Cassandra quest I had to use death punch because nothing else dealt any damage smile. In hindsight I could've unequipped some items. Magic also starts out much stronger so overall mage transitioning into battlemage seems like a better career path.

Also, for all intents and purposes, anything over 10k damage is infinite damage since there are no enemies to use higher damage on. If you fancy seeing high numbers, I've seen lava core show 60k or so, but that number is irrelevant since it just kills stuff (the numbers probably are target's health * x).

Also, since telekinesis has no cap on lifted weight, your max damage is only capped by how much shit you can gather and put in a chest. Carry limit is also irrelevant since you can teleport instead of moving smile.

One a more serious note, I still don't see what makes 2h str chars special. Most good damage buffs and debuffs come from str and int skills but most of them can be provided by allies and/or don't require a lot of investment. So dex chars can do just as much damage with weapons. As already mentioned, the only problem is lack of good aoe for dex.

P.S. doing a staff two handed fighter with no spells playthrough right now to see if that provides any challenge

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