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The problem with this entire topic is that you [OP] do not know the difference between fiction and reality apparently.

Thank you I know the difference perfectly. The dialogue was written by a real person, was it not? Now, let's not pretend that Larian writers care even a little bit about the fourth wall - we all know they don't.

So the topic isn't at all about what happens in the fictional world of Rivellon. It's about the message the game sends to the player. I happen to dislike parts of the message. Strongly. And that's it.

So by your logic, George R.R. Martin endorses incest, rape, murder, abuse and killing because he writes about it in his books and writes characters that REVEL in it.

No..... as I said in the part you smartly didn't quote because it already addressed your further points, that is NOT how fictional writing works. This has nothing to do with the 4th wall. You are blurring the line between fiction and reality and insinuate a message in reality that does not exist in reality, but only in fiction. To make it clear, you are posting here over the sacrifice of digital toads to heal ALL ILLNESSES in a fantasy world. Does that sound normal to you?

You may have taken my reply as an attack when in fact I am merely stating what you are doing.

To put it bluntly. You confuse fictional messages with reality. Which is why people think you are trolling.