Knock down is pretty bad because you must have that armor with knockdown immunity body building +2 con/speed/int. Good resist and fashionable. The less degree of freedom there is, the harder it gets. Yea, you may be right. For some reason, at 18 INT my EQ has 16 turns CD.

You don't use boulder bash for damage... And EQ damage is bad.

Meteor is bad because you don't just fight that dragon. If you want to super cheese it, just use lava core. Or just rain and freeze the surface before it lands for some fun.

509 + 1288= 1787 and /2 =~ 900. Like I said, I only have 8 tenebrium

I have 2 LW toons with 24 STR 18 INT 14 CON 14 PERC 14 SPEED each (ok the other LW doesn't need that much PERC for trap). Both have 5 armor 7 tenebrium 5 sneak 5 leadership can choose to have 5 in any magic school. Each has 2 in almost all magic schools. 7-8 willpower and body building. One has 5 BS and 5 crafting all the time. Of coz I must have 5 loremaster somehow.

A maxed out toon can have 26 INT 26 STR all the time and 10 tenebrium, nevermind the rest of the stats. 1k damage is easy to reach if I want to sacrifice some CON and SPEED and movespeed.

Of coz that calculation is based on a dummy target. Because a for a real boss, your meteor deal nowhere near 1/4 the damage you mentioned.
90% block doesn't mean much if the target is cc'ed. I also find it disturbing with the lack of 200$ elemental resistance enemies. Maybe a mod can fix that too :o

About the other weapon. IDK mane, my scythe has like 480 or something slashing, 150 elemental and 150 rot. Idk what weapon you have in mind that doesn't fall that far in terms of damage. Enlighten me.

Crushing doesn't make your toon bleed much yea. But idk any of my toon I flurry the other quite easily, through bleed too.

Edit: lol maybe not both 26 STR and 26 INT. Difference should be -5 due to weapons, but keep in mind you can have +2 INT rings smile

Oh, and if you want to talk about auto attack only, you must use sneak. So add that +1 AP and multiply the damage per ap by 2. See if other weapons still "doesn't fall far off"

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