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1) Flurry and ww does benefit from bully.
2) You shouldn't pigeonhole your items just for 1 skill. That is just bad. And you can't never get it down to 1 cd. 34 is nowhere near enough.
3) Boulder bash is for the 1 turn cd knockdown. Use it just like touch skills. I have more control over it.
4) My ww does average 1k mixed damage of slashing, elemental, and rot. Realisticly speaking, my chance of 0% slashing resistance >>>>>> then yours of fire resistance. You know this. And you also know that not all meteors will hit.
5) If you can soulsap it I can too!

Let see: my auto damage is 1k average. oath + rage+ melee power stance + bully = 2.75 k damage. Nullify makes it ~4.7k. If you want to be extra fancy, let's add soulsap. That makes it ~6k damage. Oh wait it can crit (you can have absurdly high PERC easily)! That's 12k damage. Oh yea! We can add guerilla too! thats

24k damage per NORMAL HIT

How about flurry! 1k * 4= 4k. Bully = 6k. If all crit = 12k. Nullify+ soulsap = 26.4k

A bit better. But you are right. That normal attack brings much more pleasure than flurry!

it really comes down to your gear's quality really...so...instead of telling us that arms can do 50k damage or whatever, why don't we just use a level 5 weapon (crafted white) and do the calculation without any buffs to standardize the whole thing.

because if you are a rogue and what happen if you have a dagger that does 1k damage? you hit twice, and thats 2k and it is crit guarantee with backstab, that is 4k. and then only costing 2 ap meaning if you attacking twice for 4 ap that is 8k damage.....not to mention rogue usually can move faster, and start with more ap and gain more ap thanks to spd stats which is common for dex based gears....every turn a glass cannon rogue with speed buff slapped on top of it will just be madness ap pool....moving around the field, much more efficient than battering ram.

and also remember that it is just raw damage, and each battle will always have something that will throw off your character like smoke, burning ground, poison field, static clouds and knocked down, frozen arrows (don't you just hate those archers?) and charm (assuming you probably won't be going willpower/bodybuilding.)

cus you aren't going to be swinging that 2 handed weapon every turn without moving or being kite or stunned...even if you use that batteringram, it has cooldown and you face overkills and enemies will not be likely to be aligned perfectly to your favor....

the biggest frustration really comes from the slow movement and since you are melee, enemies will flank you and your defense bonus will go down and archers/mages will kite you if you ever do battering ram, you are stuck after killing 1-2 of them. battering ram has 15 m range which is pretty short.

this game is weird, the starting part of the game is where the difficulty peak is....then it gets easier and easier and easier, where the final boss was the easiest battle....you are not the only person. i bet everyone felt the same way...near the end of the game, you characters just do insane amount of damage. each boss will be dispatched in 1-2 turns. it is because of the nature of this game, where they didn't really limit which ability each class can have and cannot have. so by the end of the game, your characters just have everything you can have and destroy everything.....

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