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This works fine for me, I just tested it with the latest version, no problems loading it. As such I'm wondering if it's an issue with your game PAK files (or you selected the wrong directory for your game data). Try to use the PAK tab to open main.pak and textures.pak and see if you can successfully extract a file (right click to extract).

Yeah, you're right! smile

The file textures_1.pak is corrupted it seems. The thing is... can one mod that put some files in "public" folder, corrupt textures_1.pak? Maybe when the game is loading textures it modify the textures.pak in order to add them.

Well, I will do a clean installation of the game and try again, hope it works.


PD: I don't know what I've done but now works. I reinstalled the game in another directory but still can't open correctly the .pak (textures_1 and textures_2), so I renamed to .paka (don't matter) and the save editor could open THE SAVE correctly (the -pak still seems corrupted). So I renamed again and... now it works with correct filename! xD (still seems corrupted .pak)
I have just edited the savegame and works perfect! (well, one game-crash because I add some weird values to an item).

I'm using a Texture mod that uses the public folders to store the overrides without a problem (the game looks in the public folder for texture files, and *if present*, automatically loads them instead of the default game textures.) I didn't do anything with the standard texture .pak files--as there was no need to do that to load the modded textures.

After you install the modded textures to your public folder, if at anytime you want to revert back to the default textures, that is as easy as pie: just go here...


and rename the textures folder to NEW_textures (or anything you want--just so long as you change the folder name from "textures".) It will now read...


and when you boot the game it will peek in the assets folder and if no "textures" directory is present it will automatically load the game's default textures. To get the modded textures back just reverse the above process. I've done it several times in testing without issue.

Using MooseEdit has not presented me with any problems relating to texture mods, etc.

(Apologies if you already knew this...;))

I'm never wrong about anything, and so if you see an error in any of my posts you will know immediately that I did not write it...;)