You can't never find a dagger that make you do 1k average damage. The best lvl 20 legendary dagger has 150 raw piercing. I've posted my warrior screen somewhere. Have 5 movement speed unbuffed (having more than 5 movement speed is pointless I have tested that). As you level up, all of your stated weakness of STR based toons are gone.

And I am sure that rouge is OP but can be much more improved. I may have gone off topic a bit boasting about my toons.

The main point here is that there is no distinctive features of INT and DEX based toons that cannot be replicated by a STR one given enough gears. That is just bad design.

There must be something distinctive, some perks for DEX and INT that no matter what gears the STR toons have, cannot overcome. And there must be an AI strong enough for those perks to really matter. Right now everyone can be invincible, and all is boiled down to damage.

If I want to start over as a DEX or INT toon and maximize their potential, I would be doing the same shit as my old STR ones at end game. That's bad.