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Yes, use your emo period somewhere else.

The game is choke full of crying orcs and melancholic trolls yet you tell me to take my emo period somewhere?

OK, I won't actually roll on the floor but you get the picture.

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And while I'm certainly not going to waste my day in an internet argument, I do feel that sometimes it helps for others to know they're not totally alone on a given issue. ^_^y

Thank you!

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This is absurd. Like any game, there are people of good morality, people of obviously poor morality, and people of questionable morality. Nowhere in the game are the devs endorsing animal cruelty, so get off your high horse and stop being offended so easily.

I give you a screenshot and you still say "nowhere in the game". This pretty much summarized the thread.

You want to deny the facts? Well, it's your choice.