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so i used the in game Apperence editor (mirror) to change the apperaence and when i went to the portrait it went blank and wont come back. just mimics the other charaters or leader buff icon. any way to fix this with Moose tools??

BTW great tool. thank you so much for it!

As previously mentioned by other posters, this seems to be an issue with LSTools and not MooseEdit. Unfortunately I am not offering support for issues caused by other programs. I would advise you to seek the author's advice.

I did make a post in general issues about this issue. I dont know what LStools is by the way. ive only used your moose tools to do any editing. but thanks for the tool regardless. didnt know if there was a way to change portraits with your tool is all. though if i could over right whatever got corrupted id be good. Again thanks for the hard work on the tool

Please provide the exact name of the .exe you used to do the editing, (for example, the "Notepad" program has a name "notepad.exe") and a copy of the broken save file, as well as a non-broken copy of the save file (i.e., a previous save that does not exhibit the problem).

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